XMG EVO 14 and EVO 15: Power Ultrabooks with AMD or Intel CPU

XMG is expanding its portfolio with the XMG EVO series. The 14.0 and 15.3-inch EVO 14 and EVO 15 ultrabooks are the company’s first models to rely exclusively on an efficient graphics unit integrated into the processor. On the CPU side, there is a choice between Intel’s Core Ultra…

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After Community Survey: XMG Decides Against Copilot Key

Following a community survey, XMG has decided to forgo the inclusion of a dedicated copilot key on its laptop keyboards. This decision aligns with the majority of survey responses. However, this change only pertains to the copilot key and does not signify a shift away from…

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XMG PRO 16 Studio with Update to Core i9-14900HX

The XMG PRO 16 Studio is receiving a significant upgrade as part of a model update. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX Studio-certified laptop, which includes graphics cards up to the GeForce RTX 4070, previously came with a conventional H-series laptop CPU. It now features…

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XMG roadmap: Launch of the XMG NEO 16 in May

Following the last XMG roadmap update in February, we have made a few changes. The good news is that we are kicking off sales for the XMG CORE 15 earlier than expected, which was recently announced alongside the XMG FUSION 15. However, the XMG NEO 16 is…

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XMG CORE 15 (M24)

XMG FUSION 15 and CORE 15: 15,3-inch all-aluminium laptops

With the XMG FUSION 15 and CORE 15, XMG unveils its first 15.3-inch laptops in 16:10 format. The two compact devices, which are very similar except for a few details, differ primarily regarding their CPUs: the FUSION 15 is powered by Intel’s Core i9-14900HX or i7-14650HX…

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