Update Laptop-Roamdmap XMG und SCHENKER Juni 2023

XMG and SCHENKER laptop roadmap update (June 2023)

At Computex, XMG not only presents the new gaming laptops XMG APEX 15 and XMG APEX 17. In a roadmap update, the company also gives a preview of which other laptop models are planned for the coming weeks and months. Besides first information the XMG PRO 16…

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Guide: CPU Undervolting in XMG Laptops

Some XMG laptops support CPU undervolting via the BIOS setup or the Control Center. This article explains the background and documents methods and best practices of the individual models. The article will be continuously expanded.

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XMG OASIS XMG NEO (E22) press release

XMG OASIS (2023) is now available for individual order

The 2023 version of the XMG NEO series has introduced a new water port which requires new adapter tubes for the XMG OASIS. Although the substance of the liquid cooling system has not changed (it is still being called “Mark I”), the different adapter tubes have required us to split…

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