XMG - Gaming Laptops and Desktop PCs at the highest level

We're not just scratching at the maximum power, we're defining it. Don't be satisfied with less, because only performance and quality will take you further. XMG offers you reliable, powerful gaming laptops and desktop PCs, which you can configure individually and which are manufactured in Germany for you. The future is tailor-made and gaming is our passion!

Your Game - Your Machine


Production, support & service from a single source

Short delivery times, fast reactions in the event of service

Extensive quality controls

Future-proof concept

Upgradable and easy to maintain models

Lifelong support directly from the manufacturer

Spare parts and service also for equipment outside the warranty period

Maximum Performance

Always the latest brand components to choose from

Sophisticated fixed configurations for maximum performance and reliability


Your Game – Your Machine

Freely configurable gaming laptops & desktop PCs

Wide choice of components

Lean operating systems without annoying test versions or bloatware

XMG Gaming-Laptops powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX

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Where to buy XMG

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