XMG would be nothing without this great community! On our channels we inform you about products, news and backgrounds and try to answer all your questions!

Welcome to the XMG Family

If you like it a little more comfy, our private Discord channel is just right for you.

Each of our product series has its very own section here. Chat with us and other users about your XMG machine, hardware news and other topics or connect for gaming sessions within the channel  to become part of the XMG family.

Transparent and honest

Reddit: A place for nerds, enthusiasts and hardware lovers… which is perfect for us!

In our official support forum we help you together with our community to answer your questions about XMG and our products. We also provide frequent information here about news, updates and technical developments.

Products and Insights

On the XMG YouTube channel you will find everything there is to know about us and our products.

Hands-on videos, aftermovies of events and plenty more. Here, too, we always respond to comments, answer questions and give you the best possible feedback on all conceivable topics related to XMG and our products.

More than memes

If you’re into imagery and humorous meme culture, you’ve come to the right place – on our Instagram channel!

Galleries of events, product teasers and one or another meme  can be admired, liked and commented on here. Also: feel free to tag us in your gaming- or XMG-related pictures or stories for a chance to be reposted or shared! 

Welcome to the Mastodon Universe

Mastodon, the place for authentic exchange, far away from marketing tricks and engagement algorithms. 

With us, you will find links to our press releases as well as fascinating deep dives, surveys, and spontaneous hot takes. 

Follow us on Mastodon to become part of our growing community. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Candystorm incoming

If all conceivable topics and personalities come together on a single platform, then it can only be Twitter.

In 280 characters we portion out the latest news, product teasers, event insights and provide you with memes and gifs! You can also find out more about our esports engagements and the teams behind them here! 

Into the metaverse

Well, yes. Facebook might seem a little outdated. Nevertheless, we are still represented there for you!

Here you can stay up to date and get in touch with us! Through our regular postings about events, products and gaming topics, we bring some life back into your dusty timeline!

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