More than 10 years ago, a group of passionate gamers decided to do the impossible: combine PC gaming and mobility. With our gaming laptops, we’ve been setting the standard for high-end mobile gaming ever since, and in the last few years expanded to also offer ultra-fast desktop PCs, that let you squeeze the last FPS out of your favourite games.

Our team has grown over the years and our technology is constantly evolving but the connection to gaming and the community has always remained. Whether in the Reddit forum, on YouTube, events or social media: You don’t talk to an anonymous agency or chatbots, but to us.
We are gamers, tech nerds, hardware lovers and creative people. In short: the XMG family. Become a part of the family and get our new XMG anniversary merchandise “SALTY SINCE 09” now. All materials have been fairly produced in Portugal and are high quality, like our devices.


The flagship of our merch collection is without doubt the new XMG Zip Hoodie. A large backprint and the glowing XMG logo on the chest make it immediately clear who your gamer heart is fighting for. The high-quality finish of the zipper, seams and fabrics ensures reliable performance whether you’re gaming, in a restaurant or on the football pitch. And if that’s too much marketing talk for you: It just looks cool!

XMG T-Shirt
„Salty Since 09“

The anniversary T-shirt. If we had known that we are so good at fashion design 10 years ago , there would probably be no high-end laptops from us today and our merchandise would be worn on the catwalks all over the world. Fortunately, things turned out differently. We are still proud about this T-shirt and a decade of fun and innovation.

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XMG T-Shirt
„Smart Grid“

If you would like to express your loyalty to us in a more discreet way, we can recommend this lovely fabric. True to the motto: “Undercover Gaming”, this T-shirt focuses on stylish understatement. The embroidered grid logo and the woven XMG badge reflects cutting edge design, just like our laptops and desktops.

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At every event we get asked the same question: “Where can I buy this cap?” This can be a bit irritating at first, because the most powerful laptop in the high-end sector is right in front of you. Didn’t you just want to know at what dizzying heights the CPU can be overclocked? But we can understand the question. The Snapback is a real eye-catcher and a real no-brainer at that price.

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XMG Socks

A really cool sock (how we say it in Germany)! Wearable for every occasion, whether wedding or LAN party. With this foot flatterer you are on the safe side. Some players have told us that their aiming has improved dramatically when putting on these socks. We don’t want to verify or deny these findings, but we are looking for some influencers that would spread this message to the world. Kappa!

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