General FAQ

XMG is a brand of Schenker Technologies GmbH, founded by Robert Schenker in 2002 as an owner-managed sole proprietorship under the name “Schenker Notebooks” in Leipzig.

After its beginnings as an eBay shop, the independent online shop went online in 2004. In 2009, the first own brand XMG (Extreme Multimedia & Gaming) was introduced.

XMG quickly developed into an insider tip in the gaming scene and is now in direct competition with the industry’s global players. In 2013, the second own brand SCHENKER was established, to meet the increasing demand for high-performance mobile workstations for professional users. From 2015, desktop computers are completing the SCHENKER portfolio and also the Virtual Reality industry is actively being targeted. In 2016, for example, XMG launched the first virtual reality backpack, the XMG WALKER, on the German market.

The company group also includes TUXEDO, a company that specialized on supporting the GNU/Linux operating system. The laptops from XMG, SCHENKER and TUXEDO are manufactured from the same hardware pool in Leipzig.

XMG laptops are assembled in Leipzig. In particular, SSDs and RAM are installed, firmware is updated, the operating system and all drivers are installed, and further customization is performed. For some models, the CPU and graphics card are also assembled in Leipzig. All service and support operations and final quality control take place in Leipzig.

Components for laptop production (chassis parts, mainboards) are developed with partners in Taiwan and tested at various stages of development both in Taiwan and in Germany. Series production of the components is largely carried out by contract manufacturers in China. Essential components such as displays, CPUs and GPUs are supplied from many parts of the world.

Once serial production has started, we remain in close constant contact with our partners to incorporate feedback from our customers and correct any potential errors. For some products, we currently plan to move the serial production of chassis parts and mainboards from mainland China to back to Taiwan. The final assembly and quality control will always remain in Germany. This applies to both individually configured laptops from bestware and pre-configured variants from our reseller partners.

Individual configurations

All XMG laptops are freely configurable. In our online store, bestware, you can put together an individual custom-made configuration and get a notebook that is optimally equipped for your purposes. This is where we differ fundamentally from the majority of laptop manufacturers, who usually offer you inflexible, mass-produced fixed configurations. Depending on the model series, you alone decide which graphics card, how much RAM, SSD storage space or display resolution your new laptop has – and you get a handmade unique specimen.

Up-to-date and without bloatware

This customer-oriented approach also applies to the operating system and software: We continuously update our Windows versions and integrate the latest drivers. Since we manufacture on-demand, you can be sure that a laptop made for you is up to date. On the other hand, we do not install any resource-hogging, unnecessary programs (bloatware). Besides a clean Windows installation, you get an important control option for fundamental laptop functions with the XMG Control Center, while annoying third-party software is left out.

Fast and flexible

Due to on-demand manufacturing, we don’t have to keep large quantities of a few fixed configurations in stock. This makes XMG flexible: If new technologies such as faster SSDs and processors, better displays or a new generation of graphics cards come onto the market, we can integrate them into our portfolio at lightning speed and offer them to you.

Right to repair & upgrade by design

Laptops from XMG are generally very maintenance-friendly. This results from the fact that each laptop is designed from the ground up for the needs of flexible BTO assembly. Slots for RAM and mass storage are always accessible by unscrewing the bottom case of the laptop. Case screws are always placed in such a way that they can be immediately recognized by the user and removed and reinserted as often as desired. Case screws are neither hidden behind rubber feet nor behind warranty labels.

One screwdriver to rule them all

All case screws can be removed with a standard “PH 0” Phillips screwdriver. For device series that deviate from this standard (the SCHENKER VISION 15 has Torx screws), a suitable screwdriver is shipped together with the laptop.

Upgrades without voiding the warranty

Maintenance and upgrades of XMG laptops by owners and third parties is possible without loss of warranty if done properly. Corresponding instructions are linked in PDF format in our download porta, instructional videos are available on our YouTube channel.

At least 2 years of manufacturer warranty

Newly purchased laptops from XMG come with a 2-year warranty by default. The warranty period can be extended to 3 years during order process or during a time period of up to 30 days after receiving the laptop. The warranty is fulfilled after a comprehensive remote diagnosis via email, live chat or telephone hotline via a free* pickup & return service. As an alternative to returning the complete system, residents within the European Union also have the option of exchanging individual components via Advance Warranty Replacement: if during diagnosis it turns out, for example, that in all likelihood only the RAM needs to be replaced, we will send the replacement item to an address defined by the customer. The customer then sends the presumably defective items back to us free of charge*.

Free device check-up

During the warranty period, we offer a free check-up. The customer can take advantage of this service at any time. The laptop is sent in via Pickup & Return free of charge* and checked by our service technicians, cleaned (incl. keyboard and cooling system), the thermal paste is renewed and the firmware is updated. If desired, we can also perform a clean Windows reinstallation with the latest Windows and drivers.

* Free shipping after consultation with our support applies within the European Economic Area (EEA and EFTA), i.e. within the 27 member states of the EU plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. For logistical reasons, the offer of advance exchange service for individual components only applies to residents within the EU. Shipments outside the EU (incl. Great Britain) are possible with cost sharing. For details please refer to the warranty conditions on bestware.

We have our own online store

All laptop and desktop PC models from XMG are available individually configurable via our own online store There, you can freely choose SSD and RAM, and for some models also CPU, GPU and display, and thus put together a system that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Ordering without a Windows license is also possible. When pre-selecting the components that are offered on our website, we pay attention to high compatibility, performance and transparency: All components offered by us have been tested and validated by us in the respective system; in the info boxes you can find out more details about the specifications of each single component.

Immediately from stock at selected resellers

Alternatively, a select number of reseller partners are available to you. They offer XMG laptops in fixed configurations, which we have put together for our customers in consultation with the respective reseller. Flexibility and transparency applies to our resellers as well: there are several configurations in stock for most models and the manufacturers of SSD and RAM components are usually also disclosed in the spec sheet, so you will always know exactly what you are buying.

Warranty for all

The warranty services we offer apply without restriction to both bestware customers and to systems purchased from resellers.

Ready, set, go!

A list of current resellers and the respective links to our products can be found here on in the top menu under the menu item “Shops”.

Send us a voice message

We offer many avenues to reach our employees. Our telephone hotline is available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Written inquiries to and end up in the same ticket system and are usually answered within two business days. For registered users there is a live chat on bestware – hosted by real people, not bots! Further contact options (incl. marketing, press and media) can be found on under contact.

Peer Review

Alternatively, we can enthusiastically recommend our forums and social media channels. Support staff and product management employees are lurking to answer any of your questions. In addition, you will often find regular customers and community experts who can help you out – no matter how simple or tricky your question may be.

Wherever you find us, we look forward to meeting you!

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