Sissi State Punks
Punkrock meets Esports

We are very happy to be a sponsor and supporter of the Austrian organization Sissi State Punks! The unconventional squad of the Sissi State Punks stands for the symbiosis of esports, gaming and music – completely according to the punk rock mojo. Under the theme „Entertaining Esports“ the greats of the Austrian scene (TKA E-Sports, WarKidZ and Viennality) were merged to reposition themselves with joint strength.  

Sissistatepunks x XMG

Launched in October 2020, the Sissi State Punks project recorded great successes, especially with its Rainbow Six: Siege team in the GSA League 2021. The crowd favorites not only beat their national opponents, but also internationally successful professional teams like G2, Rogue or Team Secret. The end result was first place in the group stage and 2nd place after the Grand Final.

Especially G2 Esports is not only known for a wide range of successful esports teams, the roster at the time managed to win the title at the 2019 Six Invitational, the Rainbow Six: Siege World Championship. 


Sissistatepunks Team 1
Sissistatepunks Team 2

The Punks’ newly qualified Challenger League team lets our XMG NEO 15 accompany them wherever they go. The XMG NEO gaming laptops are the perfect choice for the demanding esports athlete who wants to be ready for the next scrim anytime, anywhere! Or as we would say: XMG NEO – THE ANSWER. 

Of course, the Sissi State Punks include several other projects and teams, such as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that plays in the 1st division of the ESL Championship and the 99Damage League. In addition, there are some Fighting Game athletes in the titles Tekken 7 and Super Smash Bros, who keep racking up successes. 

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The XMG NEO is the absolute spearhead of uncompromising laptop performance! Equipped with the most powerful laptop CPUs and graphics cards, maximum power limits and an outstanding cooling system, the XMG NEO is the compact answer for those for whom extreme high-end performance is not enough.

Thanks to the high-resolution G-SYNC displays with 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, 240 Hz, high colour accuracy and the 16:10 format, the laptop is made for gamers. In addition, a mechanical keyboard with CHERRY MX ULP switches or alternatively a quiet membrane keyboard ensure highly precise inputs.

XMG GG E Sports LP Placement XMG NEO E23
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