XMG OASIS with new design an even quieter operation

With the XMG OASIS (Mk2), XMG presents an all-round improved version of its external laptop liquid cooling system. It features a revised pump with lower minimum speed, improved ease of use and a new chassis design with additional RGB lighting elements which can be activated if desired. Furthermore, the company keeps its promise of combinability: Depending on the selected equipment variant, the OASIS can be used with either the current XMG NEO series from model generation E23 or with all previous OASIS Ready laptops.

XMG OASIS (Mk2) now operates even more quietly

XMG OASIS (Mk2) laptop water cooling system

In addition to obvious changes such as a new, more compact and more robust chassis (195 x 72 x 166 mm instead of 203 x 75 x 186 mm) and two-zone RGB lighting for the fan and the water level indicator that can be adjusted via the Control Center software, the main optimisations result in a quieter and more comfortable operation of the external laptop water cooling system. From a functional point of view, the centerpiece is an improved pump that allows for much quieter running thanks to a minimum operating speed that has been reduced from 60 to 40 percent of maximum. At this level, the pump achieves a flow rate of 145 ± 20 L/h, whereas the maximum is 240 ± 30 L/h.

Comparison table with the pump speed of the XMG OASIS (Mk2) and XMG OASIS (Mk1)

But this is only one aspect that makes a combination of OASIS and a compatible laptop run quieter. Additional fine-tuning is also available for the fan curves of the water cooling and the laptops from the XMG NEO series (E23). As a result, the overall setup of the external cooling solution and a notebook is also significantly quieter in typical gaming scenarios in which the graphics card in particular runs under full load. In extreme scenarios, such as maximum load on CPU and GPU in benchmarks, the OASIS can still call up its full performance in order to maintain permanently high boost clocks of the components. When the system is idle, the pump and fan of the OASIS switch off automatically and do not start up again until the processor and graphics card are put under greater load.

Improved ease of operation

The new chassis offers a larger water inlet port for distilled water, eliminating the need to fiddle with a filler funnel as was the case with the older Mk1 version. XMG replaces the previously plugged rubber cap with a waterproof screw cap that offers more security during transport. In addition, the RGB LED-lit window on the rear of the OASIS is larger than before, making it easier to read the water level. In the Mk2 version, all connections of the OASIS have been moved to the rear of the device: this applies to the tubes as well as to the now detachable power cable which functions via the laptop power supply unit.

XMG had already introduced convenient magnetic mounting and self-sealing connectors on both the laptop and tube sides with the introduction of the XMG NEO series (E23) at the beginning of the year. Identical connectors are also found in the OASIS (Mk2), so the tubes are alike at both ends and twist-proof.

In addition, the external liquid cooling system receives an upgrade in terms of ease of maintenance: the side panel of the chassis is fastened with hexagon socket screws instead of clips as in the previous model, thus facilitating access to the now tidier interior. Consequently, even after a long period of use in a dusty environment, the radiator can be easily cleaned with compressed air spray. Communication between OASIS and laptop as well as the control via Control Center is still via Bluetooth.

The XMG OASIS (Mk2) is backwards compatible with older laptop models

XMG offers the OASIS (Mk2) with two different sets of tubes to provide backward compatibility with older laptops as well. The tubes with self-sealing, magnetic connectors on both sides are intended for the XMG NEO series (E23). If, on the other hand, you want to retrofit an existing XMG NEO 15 (E22), NEO 15 and NEO 17 (M22) or CORE 15 (M22) with the external water-cooling system, you can use an alternate set of tubes that have the original mechanical connection to the notebook. Depending on the tube pair selected, the total weight including the power cable and filled with distilled water is 1.23 kg (tube set for 2023 laptops) or 1.32 kg (tube set for 2022 laptops).

XMG is therefore taking into account the high acceptance of external laptop liquid cooling systems among its own customers: An evaluation by the company showed that 40 percent of all buyers of a gaming laptop from the current XMG NEO series (E23) selected the OASIS (Mk1) as an optional accessory in the configurator during the last three months alone. Including the laptops from the 2022 model generation that were also sold during this period, the selection rate is 37 per cent – these figures do not include water cooling systems sold individually or retrofitted.

Scope of delivery

The package contents of the XMG OASIS (Mk2) include, in addition to the liquid cooling unit itself (120 mm radiator, new RGB fan, improved pump, reservoir, control electronics, more compact chassis), a pair of tubes for connecting to the laptop, a detachable power cable for powering the OASIS via the laptop power supply, one liter of UV-irradiated and deionised distilled water, a hex key for opening the side panel, a drainage adapter for easier draining of the water from the laptop and the water cooling system, as well as other small parts such as cleaning accessories.


The XMG OASIS (Mk2) is now available on bestware.com – both as an individually purchasable retrofit solution and as an optional accessory when buying a new compatible laptop via the laptop configurator. The version compatible with the XMG NEO series (E23) costs €199 (when selected in the laptop configurator) or €219 (individual purchase without laptop), each including 19% VAT. The XMG OASIS (Mk2), which is also compatible with laptop models from 2022, is also priced at €219.

At the same time, XMG is also lowering the price of the older XMG OASIS (Mk1): Including the tube set compatible with 2023 laptops, this now costs only €149 (when selected in the laptop configurator) or €179 (single purchase without laptop). In combination with a tube set compatible with the 2022 laptop generation, the sales price is €129 (when selected in the laptop configurator) or €149 (single purchase without laptop).

XMG OASIS (Mk2) for 2023 laptops
XMG OASIS (Mk2) for 2022 laptops

Additional information

For more information on the features and data sheets , please check out the product page of the XMG OASIS (Mk2) on xmg.gg.

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