The latest generation of the innovative XMG OASIS (Mk2) laptop water cooling system is now even better! As an optional add-on for any compatible laptop, it provides unprecedented cool, quiet and fast operation.

Where gaming laptops and mobile content creation workstations were previously limited by their compact, mobile form factor and increasingly powerful components, the OASIS removes these barriers once and for all. The compact water-cooling system minimises temperatures and noise levels, while also paving the way for maximum long-term performance. Connection, set-up and daily use are particularly easy and convenient thanks to numerous detail optimisations.

Improved ease of use
Unpack & get started

The XMG OASIS is ready for operation in just a few moments. The supplied distilled water is easy to add via a significantly larger water inlet than before, which in the new version is fitted with a watertight, screw-in cap. Thanks to the larger reservoir window and improved LED illumination, you always have an exact view of the water level. The communication between laptop and OASIS for controlling the pump, fan and RGB lighting works via Bluetooth, while the power is supplied directly by the laptop power supply.

XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 02 Komponenten
XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 02 Komponenten MOBILE
Stylish RGB stealth chassis
Compact, small, portable

All the components of a liquid cooling system are integrated in the XMG OASIS in a stylish, external chassis with a matte black stealth look. These include a radiator, fan, pump, and a reservoir for distilled water. What’s new is the individually adjustable RGB lighting, now with two lighting zones (fan, reservoir), which can be turned on or completely off as desired. When filled with distilled water, the OASIS weighs a mere 1.23 kg. Thanks to its slim tower design, which is even more compact in the new version, it takes up very little space and can be easily stowed in a backpack for transport.

1.23 kg

195 x 72 x 166 mm

RGB lighting
XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 01 Gehaeuse
XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 01 Gehaeuse MOBILE
High-end laptops in silent mode
Greatly reduced noise

Under load, the XMG OASIS transforms the compatible models into the quietest high-end gaming laptops in the world. Connecting the optional liquid cooling reduces the speed of the laptop fans to around 50 per cent of their maximum, even when the processor and graphics card are both running at full capacity; gaming or rendering on a laptop has never been so quiet! A new feature is the optimised pump, which operates at a significantly lower noise level during typical gaming workloads.

XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 03 Lautstaerke 1
XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 03 Lautstaerke MOBILE 1
Optimal CPU and GPU temperatures
Ice-cold under control

A look at the temperature values shows just how potent the additional cooling resources are that the XMG OASIS unleashes. Under full load, not only does the noise level drop noticeably, but even high-end CPUs and laptop graphics cards operate significantly cooler. Compared to cooling exclusively via the already very powerful air cooling system of the XMG NEO series, the temperature values of Intel’s Core i9-13900HX and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090 with a maximum permissible GPU power of up to 175 watts are up to 15 °C lower, depending on the application.

XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 04 Temp 1
XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 04 Temp MOBILE 1
Intel Core i9-13900X
XMG NEO 17 (Speed Way Stress-Test)
82 °C
XMG NEO 17 mit XMG OASIS (Speed Way Stress-Test)
65 °C
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090
XMG NEO 17 (Speed Way Stress-Test)
80 °C
XMG NEO 17 mit XMG OASIS (Speed Way Stress-Test)
66 °C
Without thermal limits
Performance to the max

The high performance of modern laptop components is based not least on ever higher power limits and sophisticated power management. The XMG OASIS gives high-end GPUs and processors additional headroom in extreme scenarios: With simultaneous maximum utilisation of CPU and graphics card, the Core i9-13900HX in particular reaps the rewards from the additional cooling power – being able to maintain permanently higher boost clock rates on all 24 cores.

XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 05 Leistung 2
XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 05 Leistung MOBILE 2
Perfectly adapted
Intelligent fan control

As a cornerstone for quiet operation under load, the XMG OASIS relies on intelligent fan control in several respects, not just its own speed control. After connecting the laptop and the water-cooling system, the laptop automatically changes its fan curve profile. Since the external cooling system now dissipates most of the excess heat from the CPU and GPU, the fans operate much more slowly and quietly. When the system is idle, the OASIS switches itself off and only reactivates when the temperatures rise and the load increases.

XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 06 Steuerung MOBILE
Quick-release connection
Magnetic & secure

The tube connections to the water-cooling system are magnetised and self-sealing in all versions. This also applies to the connections on the laptop for V2 and V3; the third version (V3) has an additional securing mechanism for an even better hold. The first version (V1) uses a mechanical, only on the tube side self-sealing connection. In addition, the XMG OASIS has an integrated water flow sensor that automatically switches off the pump as soon as you disconnect the external cooling unit from your laptop.


XMG OASIS Mk2 LP Feature 07 Quick Release MOBILE
Einfache Nutzung
Quick-release connection

The entire concept of the XMG OASIS is designed for maximum operational safety. The tube connections to the water-cooling system and to the laptop are magnetised and self-sealing. This means they interlock snugly, securely and tightly, and seal themselves fully automatically after disconnection. In addition, the XMG OASIS has an integrated water flow sensor that automatically switches off the pump as soon as you disconnect the external cooling unit from your laptop.

XMG OASIS E22 | Laptop Wasserkühlung
Generation 2022 vs. 2023

Die XMG OASIS ist kompatibel mit ausgewählten XMG-Laptops von 2022 und 2023, benötigt allerdings zwischen diesen zwei Laptop-Generationen zwei unterschiedliche, modulare Adapter-Schläuche. Wenn die XMG OASIS zusammen mit einem XMG-Laptop gekauft wurde, liefern wir immer auch den zum Laptop passenden Adapter-Schlauch mit. Weitere Adapter-Schlauch-Paare sind separat erhältlich.

Unterschiede zwischen den Wasser-Anschlüssen

Die Generation 2022 hat einen mechanischen Verschluss. Dieser ist selbstversiegelnd auf Seite des Schlauches, aber nicht auf Seite des Laptops.

Die Generation 2023 hat einen magnetischen Verschluss. Diese is selbstversiegelnd auf beiden Seiten: am Schlauch und am Laptop.

Abbildung zeigt die Unterschiede der Verbindungsstücke der Schlauchpaare der XMG OASIS zwischen 2022- und 2023-Generation.

Abbildung zeigt die Unterschiede der Wasseranschlüsse an den Rückseiten des Laptops zwischen 2022- und 2023-Generation.

Abbildung zeigt die Unterschiede des Abflussadapters zwischen 2022- und 2023-Generation und wie dieser in den Laptop gesteckt wird.

Ersatzteile und Zubehör sind erhältlich

Du besitzt bereits die XMG OASIS von 2022 und möchtest sie jetzt mit einem 2023er-Laptop betreiben? Du hast deinen Abflussadapter verloren? Oder Dein Schlauch wurde beschädigt und du benötigst Ersatz? Schreib uns einfach eine E-Mail und bestelle Dein passendes Zubehör. Part-Nummern und Preise findest Du in diesem FAQ-Artikel: Ich benötige einen neuen Schlauch oder Adapter – was muss ich beachten?

XMG NEO 15 Intel E22 Gaming-Laptop front left
XMG NEO 15 (E22)

Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage und knappen Verfügbarkeit ist die XMG OASIS bis auf weiteres ausschließlich in Kombination mit dem kompatiblen XMG NEO 15 (E22) auf bestware.com vorbestellbar. Es lassen sich bis zu zwei XMG OASIS im Konfigurator auswählen.

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video about XMG NEO 15 OASIS Jarrod
Play Video about XMG NEO 15 Dave2D Video The CRAZIEST Way to Cool a Laptop


XMG NEO 15 (E22)
XMG CORE 15 (M22)
XMG NEO 15 + 17 (M22)

XMG NEO 16 + 17 (E23)
XMG NEO 17 (E24)

XMG NEO 16 (E24)

  • automatic pump and fan speed (adjustable in 3 levels)
  • automatic standby (when laptop in idle, standby, hibernate or shutdown)
  • 160 ml in reservoir
  • 230 ml overall (incl. laptop loop)
  • each 120 mm standard size
  • 25 mm fan depth
  • 65 cm long
  • 9 mm diameter (incl. sleeve)
  • self-sealing connector

RGB LEDs on the fan and and in the water reservoir
(adjustable via Control Center of laptop)

  • chassis made of plastic
  • tubes made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
  • tube sleeves made of textile
  • cooling loop made of aluminium
  • laptop connector made of nickel-plated brass (Mk2-V1)
  • laptop connector made of plastic (Mk2-V2)
  • laptop connector made of plastic, securing pin made of stainless steel (Mk2-V3)

status LED (at the front, 3 colours)

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)

  • DC-in: powered by 19.5 V or 20 V laptop power adapter
  • DC-out: forwards power to host laptop through DC cable
  • Plug dimensions: 5.5/2.5 mm outer/inner diameter, 12.5 mm length

1.32 kg filled (Mk2-V1)
1.23 kg filled (Mk2-V2/3)

Weight indication incl. water tube and laptop connection cable. The difference in weight between 2022 and 2023 is due to the higher weight of the quick-release connector of the 2022 generation, which is made of nickel-plated brass.

195 x 72 x 166 mm (L x W x H)

XMG OASIS incl. tubes and connector, filler funnel, drainage adapter,
bulb pump, caps for USB-C and HDMI, cleaning accessories,
1 litre cooling liquid (distilled water)


Download-Portal: XMG OASIS (ID: XOAM1)

Das Download-Portal ist unsere erste Anlaufstelle für Treiber- und Firmware-Updates. Dort befindet sich auch eine Deassemblierungs-Anleitung und ein Changelog zu den Firmware-Updates.

Die aktuelle Firmware der XMG OASIS lässt sich auf dem XMG NEO 15 im Control Center auslesen. Das Firmware-Update erfolgt über Bluetooth und wird dringend empfohlen.

Bitte lies dieses Benutzerhandbuch sorgfältig durch, bevor du das Gerät verwendest.


XMG OASIS is a modular liquid cooling system that has been specially developed for the XMG NEO series. The system consists of an external housing that contains a liquid reservoir, a pump, a fan and a radiator. The radiator is the heart of the liquid cooling system: warm liquid flows through a tube from the laptop into the radiator and is cooled there by the large-area case fan. The cold liquid flows back into the laptop via a second tube, thus forming a closed circuit. Due to the large surface area of the 120mm fan, XMG OASIS generates significantly less fan noise than a usual laptop air cooling system.

The two cooling tubes are connected to a metal pipe inside the laptop through a 2-in-1 quick release connector on the back of the laptop. The pipe inside the laptop is soldered to the traditional heat pipes of the laptop’s air cooling system. The tube is following a curvy path across the cooling system, indirectly touching the laptop’s main heat emitters: processor, graphics card, voltage regulators and video memory. Liquid flows through the inside of this tube and, thanks to its high thermal conductivity coefficient, transports the excess heat from the aforementioned hotspots directly to the outside with surprisingly high efficiency.

The XMG OASIS is an optional add-on for the compatible models of the XMG CORE and NEO series. The presence of the curvy-shaped metal tube inside the laptops does not affect the air cooling in any way. The metal tube sits on top of the traditional heat pipes of the air cooling. The height of the compatible models is sufficient to provide enough space for both air and water cooling.

Whether in a laptop or desktop: the operational safety of liquid cooling depends essentially on two factors:

  • The cooling circuit must be completely airtight, i.e. there must be no potential for any leaks.
  • The user must handle the system with care to avoid mechanical damage. Great care must also be taken when the cooling circuit is disconnected and when the liquid tank is refilled.

The airtightness of the liquid circuit at time of delivery is guaranteed by XMG. It is tested with an air pressure gauge after assembly, identical to how you would test a Desktop PC’s liquid cooling system. The metal pipe inside the laptop that is part of the loop is made from one piece from start to finish and has a long-lasting stability thanks to the large-surface connection with the cooling system made of copper. Leakage inside the laptop due to normal wear and tear is thus virtually impossible.

However, there are some risk factors when handling the system on the part of the user:

  • Improper handling of the cooling tubes (kinking, tearing, etc.).
  • Lack of due dilligence with removing remaining water drops on the laptop after disconnecting the water tubes.
  • Contamination of the water by dirt or other objects when the water loop is open, for example when disconnecting the tubes or refilling the reservoir.
  • Formation of ice during transport and storage at temperatures below freezing point.
  • Very gross mechanical damage due to dropping the laptop from a great height.

To prevent these factors, proper and careful handling of the system by the user is essential. For example, it is strongly recommended to turn off the liquid cooling and shut down or hibernate the system before disconnecting the 2-in-1 quick release connector of the cooling system from the laptop. After each disconnection, check that there is not a small amount of liquid stuck to the chassis of the laptop itself. Residual liquid must be removed from all surfaces, including the underside of the laptop, with a dry cloth.

No, water does not leak out on its own. The connector at the end of the tubes of XMG OASIS has a secure, self-closing mechanism. As soon as you disconnect the tubes, the connector seals itself. Such “quick release” connections are already very common in PC water cooling systems.

The mechanism also ensures that the tubes cannot be “half” or “incompletely” connected to the laptop. When fully connected, there is a very distinct haptic feedback when the connector springs into position. If the connector for the 2022 generation is not completely plugged in, it immediately pops out again without having opened its seal. With the 2023 generation plug, the connection is completed via the pulling force of a magnet in the connector. However, this 2023 connector should still be jiggled a little to check that the plug has landed completely parallel to the laptop.

Besides these self-sealing connectors, proper handling of the hardware is of course required. The connector should not be damaged negligently or wantonly through brute force. Despite having a quick-release connector, a few drops of liquid will still cling onto the water ports of the laptop itself after disconnecting the tubes. These have to be removed before transporting the laptop. To reduce pressure, it is recommended to disconnect only after the OASIS has been turned off. Even better if the laptop is also shut down before disconnecting. More information about this can be found in the user manual under chapter 11, titled “Disconnect the water tubes”.

The scope of delivery of the XMG OASIS includes silicone caps for HDMI and USB-C. These ports are located directly next to the water ports on the back of the laptop. The caps can provide additional protection to these ports from droplets of water.

Technically no problem.

When using the XMG OASIS, it is not necessary to disconnect the system every day after use if you are not planning to move your laptop setup. The tubes can also remain connected when OASIS is not even turned on. In other words: you can use the laptop’s air cooling without disconnecting XMG OASIS.

The quick-release connectors at the end of the OASIS tubes come with a secure, self-sealing mechanism. The mechanism of the 2022 generation ensures that the tubes cannot easily be “half” or “incompletely” connected to the laptop. The magnetic lock of the 2023 generation equally prevents accidental disconnects: once the connector is correctly seated, with the connector being perfectly parallel to the ports on the laptop, it would require a very deliberate and pointed manual force against the magnetic lock to unseat it from its water-tight connection.

Safety tips

Despite the ease of keeping the system connected, it is essential to remember the following caveats to ensure the longevity and safety of your XMG OASIS setup:

  • Physical safety: The OASIS, like all hardware, must be handled with care to avoid mechanical damage. This includes ensuring the setup isn’t in an area prone to accidental knocks or falls.
  • No mechanical interference: Make sure that nobody can pull or twist on the tubes while you are away. Keep the system away from children and pets.
  • Periodic safety checks: Regularly inspect your setup to make sure that everything is still connected correctly. Carefully lift XMG OASIS and your laptops to check if any water droplets have escaped the system. Check if the screw connectors on the front of XMG OASIS are still tight. Fasten them by holding the tube and gently turning the thumbscrews clockwise.

In conclusion, leaving your XMG OASIS system connected is entirely safe if you don’t plan on moving your setup regularly. Just remember to practice regular maintenance checks and ensure the physical safety of your setup.

Our general warranty terms can be found here. Schenker Technologies guarantees that your newly manufactured product will be free from material and/or manufacturing defects at the time of initial purchase.

Covered under warranty

If the water pipe inside the laptop is leaking due to normal wear and tear, this would be covered under warranty.

NOT covered under warranty
  • If the water pipe inside the laptop is damaged due to mechanical damage (impact shock) or inappropriate servicing.
  • If the water pipe inside the laptop is damaged by exposing it to excessive pressure with 3rd party devices, including air pressure gauges or 3rd party water cooling solutions, other than XMG OASIS.
  • If the water pipe inside the laptop is damaged by exposing it to freezing temperatures with liquid inside.
  • Any other damage from liquid that creeps in from outside the system, including accidental damage that might occur during inappropriately handled refill, drainage and disconnection operations.
RMA procedures

The distinction between “warranty” and “self-inflicted damage” is broad enough and should be pretty clear in most cases. The usual process would look like this:

  • If you discover any issue with your product, please contact us.
  • If we come to the conclusion that your product issue might have a hardware root cause, we will offer you a free RMA shipment*.
  • The service technicians in our RMA department will inspect the product. If there is a defect, we will find out the most probably root cause of it.
  • If the defect or its root cause is not covered under warranty (examples see above), we will reach out to you and offer an alternative solution.

* Free shipping after consultation with our support applies within the European Economic Area (EEA and EFTA), i.e. within the 27 member states of the EU plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

In general

The path of the cooling circuit inside the laptop has a volume of about 2 cl or 20 ml. If you separate the system from the laptop, the cooling liquid at first remains inside the metal pipe in the laptop.

On 2022 generation laptops

The port of the 2-in-1 connector on the side of the laptop has a hinged rubber-sealed closure. This is able to seal both ends of the metal pipe inside the laptop.

However, this seal needs a small air hole to ensure that no pressure diffential builds up inside the metal pipe in the event of large temperature differences. This air hole is covered by a tiny mesh so that it can vent air and vapour for the purpose of depressurising while still being able to sufficiently hold water inside. This would theoretically make it possible to disconnect the cooling system from the laptop, seal the connections immediately and transport the laptop, including the cooling liquid inside, at least for short distances.

However, mobile use and transport of the laptop with liquid remaining in the laptop is still not recommended.

The rubber seal on your laptop is able to hold some liquid inside during mobile use. However, it is NOT a 100% foolproof device.

  • Single drops of liquid might escape through the ventilation hole.
  • The rubber cover might lose its sealing ability over time.
  • It might be damaged from wear and tear.
  • It might be opened accidentally during transportation or usage.
  • Water expansion caused by high temperatures might push it out.
  • Environmental temperatures below 5 °C (41 °F) might cause damage to pipes and connectors by freezing the liquid that is still trapped inside.
On 2023 generation laptops

For laptops of the 2023 generation and above, besides the self-sealing properties of the water tube connector, the water ports on the laptop, too, are self-sealing. This is capable of holding the approximately 20 ml of liquid inside the laptop. A hinged rubber closure is no longer present or necessary. Thus, with this generation it is quite thinkable to disconnect XMG OASIS from the laptop, remove remaining water drops from the ports and immediately go and transport the laptop, including the cooling liquid inside, at least for shorter distances. For longer distances (e.g. when leaving the house), however, caution is advised.

Formally speaking: mobile use and transport of the laptop with liquid remaining in the laptop is not recommended.

Yes, the self-sealing water ports are able to retain liquid inside the laptop. However, this is not 100 % secure.

  • The cap could leak due to normal wear and tear, improper handling or accidents.
  • It could be opened accidentally during mobile use or transport, e.g. if its star-shaped valve is pressed in by a pointed object.
  • Even a single leaked drop could cause water damage to the laptop’s electronics.
  • Environmental temperatures below 5 °C (41 °F) might cause damage to pipes and connectors by freezing the liquid that is still trapped inside.
Instructions for draining the liquid for both laptop generations

Draining the liquid from the laptop is supported by a drain adapter supplied with the XMG OASIS.

Illustrations showing drainage adapters being connected to laptops

The process, including subsequent cleaning/drying, takes less than one minute.

Detailed instructions for both laptop generations can be found in chapter 12 of the user manual.

Better to be safe than sorry

Ultimately, it is a matter of personal consideration how much one is comfortable and confident in using the laptop safely on the move with liquid remaining inside. In the case of the 2022 generation, things are clearly leaning towards draining the water because the ports on the laptop are not self-sealing and the manually closed rubber should only be trusted to a limited extent. Also, the 2022-generation laptop can be drained very quickly without using tools. With the 2023 generation, you may lean towards leaving the water in the laptop for short mobile durations, but you have to take extra care in handling it. For longer transports or prolonged mobile use, it is clearly recommended to drain the water.

Fundamental risk of irreparable, permanent damage

Any fluids that leak into the laptop’s I/O ports or ventilation holes or that otherwise end up on electronical components inside the laptop will cause irreparable, permanent damage to your laptop.

Causes of defects are determined by our RMA technicians upon local inspection of the device. Defects resulting from accidents, negligence, or otherwise inappropriate usage are not covered under warranty.

Practice utmost caution every single time when disconnecting XMG OASIS from your laptop. Drain all liquid from the laptop before transport. Always keep all surfaces clean and dry.

We recommend using industry-grade distilled water with XMG OASIS. Other liquid solutions that are specifically made for PC liquid cooling are not recommended because their chemical additives might accelerate the wear and tear of some of the materials used in XMG OASIS, especially some of the plastics.

A 1-litre bottle of distilled water is included free of charge with every new XMG OASIS. This should last for at least 6 months with normal use. Resupply is available from our partner shop bestware:

Further information and additional sources where to buy distilled water can be found under this link:

Using any inappropriate solution might cause voiding the warranty coverage.

You should NEVER fill in tap water, mineral water or any other food liquid – not even as a test. Once a liquid has been filled in, some traces are likely to remain in the system and cannot be removed. Liquids that are not explicitly recommended for use with PC liquid cooling will inevitably cause organic substances, minerals, and other contamination to accumulate. In the long term, this might cause clogging, reduced thermal efficiency, galvanic corrosion, or other system failures.

Contact of the coolant with foreign metals and other foreign bodies should also be avoided. For example, you should not transfer your coolant into a separate metal bottle before use, as this will cause impurities and material abrasion to mix into the liquid.

That depends on the type of use. As can be seen in our video, there is a fairly high tolerance range between “minimum” and “optimum” fill level.

In a mostly stationary setting, where neither laptop nor XMG OASIS leave their place, you should not have any loss of cooling liquid. If you disconnect the connection and immediately seal the ports on the laptop side (in the 2023 laptop generation the ports are self-sealing), you lose at most a few drops. You can do this several dozen times before you have to think about topping up.

If, on the other hand, you drain the fluid from the laptop prior to transportation, as described in the previous FAQ item above, you lose up to 20 ml of fluid. You can do this about 5 times until you have to refill the reservoir in the XMG OASIS.

The fill level in the reservoir can be seen from the narrow window column on the front of the XMG OASIS. There are markings that indicate the minimum and optimal fill level. If the water level falls below the minimum range, this is also noticeable by a change in the the operating noise of the water cooling unit. If you often carry your laptop away from XMG OASIS, it will be worthwhile to check the fill level every now and to refill if necessary.

As described in the previous answer: you should NEVER fill in tap water, mineral water or any other food liquid – not even as a test. Once a liquid has been filled in, some traces are likely to remain in the system and cannot be removed. Liquids that are not explicitly recommended for use with PC liquid cooling will inevitably cause organic substances, minerals, and other contamination to accumulate. In the long term, this might cause clogging, reduced thermal efficiency, galvanic corrosion, or other system failures.

If you plan to transport the laptop, we strongly recommend draining the liquid from the laptop with the provided drainage adapter. The safest method would be to also drain all liquid from XMG OASIS as well. However, if you wish to retain the liquid inside XMG OASIS for the sake of convenience, you must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Do NOT pack XMG OASIS together with any other electronics or sensitive equipment. Laptop and XMG OASIS must be transported separately, in two different bags.
  • Wrap XMG OASIS in a small towel or blanket to catch any residual liquid during transportation.
  • Guarantee that XMG OASIS will always be kept upright during transportation. The refill port on top of XMG OASIS is not 100% waterproof if XMG OASIS is leaning sideways or upside down.

If you often commute between places (e.g. home and working place), please consider to buy additional units of XMG OASIS in order to avoid risky and inconvenient transportation.

Liquid damage that is caused during transportation or any other incorrect handling is NOT covered under warranty. We assume NO LIABILITY for consequential damages to any items that are placed near or transported with XMG OASIS or its corresponding laptop.

Mechanical damage of any kind is excluded from warranty. However, it is unlikely that the most minor accidents of everyday life (e.g. laptop in a backpack, backpack being put down too roughly; hitting a pothole during transport in a car) will lead to an immediate breakdown. As already described, the metal pipe inside the laptop is made of a single piece and connected over a large area to the laptop’s massive air cooling system. The water ports on the back of the laptop are stabilised by a screw connection through the top and bottom shell of the laptop. Also, the position of the liquid cooling system in the rear center of the laptop (far away from the corners) makes it unlikely that the system will immediately lose its structural integrity in the event of a mostly cosmetical damage on the laptop. For example, in the case of a drop damage, it is more likely that you will dent a corner of the case or damage the LCD screen than that the cooling circuit will be immediately affected.

If mechanical damage has occurred locally in the area of the cooling circuit (e.g. around the centrally located water ports on the back of the chassis) or if mechanical damage has led to large-scale deformation of the chassis, you should immediately stop using the liquid cooling system, contact our support and request an RMA.

Keep product clean and replace liquid every 3 months

Please replace all the liquid in the cooling loop (laptop and XMG OASIS) every 3 months. This might seem excessive, but it will put you on the safer side and guard you against any accidental contamination. Also, please use the provided microfiber cloth to clean and dry the 2-in-1 connector and the water port on the laptop after every disconnect. Please check the connectors on a regular basis against build-up of dust or any other contamination. Use the provided wipe and brush to clean the tube connector and the water port on the laptop.

RMA return for a voluntary device check-up

As the owner of an XMG laptop or PC, you can purchase* a check-up at any time and send your product in for cleaning and maintenance. The service costs 49 € (VAT included) and includes the insured return shipment of your product purchased from us. This service is fully available both before and after warranty has expired.

The PC or laptop is checked by our service technicians, cleaned (including keyboard and cooling system), the thermal paste is replaced and the firmware is updated. At this point we would also check the cooling loop of your laptop for leaks using an air pressure gauge device.

To benefit from this service, simply contact the customer support and ask them to send you the documents for return shipment.

In our CES 2022 launch material, we announced that the water pipe would be made from aluminum in order to use only a single material inside the whole water loop. This is now to be corrected: the water pipe is made from copper, while the rest of the liquid cooling loop (especially the radiator) is made from aluminum. We wish to apologize for this inconsistency in our communication and we would like to explain why in the end we chose copper instead of aluminum.
xmg oasis water pipe 2022 2023 scaled

Picture with description of the water pipe (copper, internally flat) and air cooling heatpipes (copper, sintered).

Reasons for the choice of copper
  • It is structurally stronger than aluminum, making the system more robust.
  • It has higher thermal conductivity, making the system more effective.
  • Most importantly: it increases the strength of the bond between the water pipe and the air cooling heat pipes.
The water pipe is soldered across its whole length to the air cooling heat pipes. Soldering works much better if the materials that are being soldered together have the same melting point. Using aluminum for the water pipe would potentially have caused weaker soldering joints, reducing thermal conductivity and stability. The combination of aluminum and copper inside the laptop would have also increased the price due to lower yield rate and potentially increased the risk of future RMA cases. Therefore, together with our ODM partner, we chose a straightforward, industry-standard solution where the thermally relevant parts inside the laptop are made from copper, while the rest of the loop (especially the radiator) is made from aluminum.

The liquid-carrying tubes between the laptop and XMG OASIS are reversible. The orientation therefore makes no difference. The flow direction is dictated by the water pump inside XMG OASIS. In one orientation, the cold liquid will hit the CPU first before moving on to the GPU. In the other orientation, it will hit the GPU first. However, this has no measurable influence on the overall temperatures, as the entire cooling circuit is ultimately a closed system without further branches.

When positioning the liquid cooling system, make sure that the airflow on both sides of the box is not obstructed. The perforated sides of XMG OASIS should therefore not be placed too close to the monitor, walls, curtains or other surfaces. The chassis of XMG OASIS must remain free and must not be covered.

If the liquid cooling system is positioned too far below the laptop, it is theoretically possible that air bubbles from the reservoir will travel through the tubes and enter cooling pipe inside the laptop where they would impair contact and heat transfer. Air always tends to rise in the medium of water. The highest point of the circuit should therefore be the upper edge of the fluid level in the reservoir.

When choosing laptop stands, it is therefore advisable to check how high the stand is and what angle of inclination it has. Stands close to the base (e.g. Coolermaster Notepal U3) are no problem. Laptop stands at eye level (e.g. Pronomic LS-100) should perhaps only be used if you can also place the liquid cooling system on a correspondingly high level (a box or a base). Laptop stands with a particularly high inclination should be used with caution, as the connecting tubes, which so not bend with ease, could then also protrude upwards at a high inclination. If a curve in the connecting tubes forms the highest point in the system, air bubbles may also accumulate there and reduce the throughput of the cooling circuit.

Apart from the height ratio between the laptop and the liquid cooling system, the orientation does not matter. The two tubes are each 65cm long. This length can be used completely to achieve the greatest possible distance between the cooling system and the laptop or between the cooling system and the user.

Placing the cooling system at an extreme height (e.g. laptop on a table, box on a 50 cm high base) to possibly increase the contact pressure of the liquid cooling on the laptop has no measurable positive effect on the cooling performance. In the end, it is only important that the upper end of the reservoir is the highest point in the cooling circuit.

The XMG OASIS was initially only compatible with XMG NEO 15 (E22) at the launch in January 2022. The list of compatible models has grown steadily since then. The current list includes:

Retrofitting of models not listed here is not possible, as the previous mainboard layout had to be changed to provide the space for the water cooling connections.


The mechanical design of the XMG OASIS is built for modularity and compatibility. The aim is an open, forward-looking ecosystem, not a mere “proof of concept” one-off.

The thermal dissipation takes place in a free-standing unit. The connection between the unit and the laptop takes up only relatively little space on the laptop. The ports can be included independent of the laptop’s design, as long as the laptop has at least a certain minimum z-height. All laptop models that are advertised to support XMG OASIS are always produced with the corresponding ports – regardless of whether the laptop is initially ordered with or without XMG OASIS. This gives owners of OASIS-ready laptops the ability to upgrade to XMG OASIS at any point later in time.

Change in the water ports from 2022 to 2023

In the 2022 generation of the XMG OASIS, 4 different laptop models were supported, all of which have the same mechanical connection. For new laptop models in 2023, the mechanical design has been changed so that the ports on the laptop are now self-sealing. This change has significantly increased safety and comfort, making the concept even more future-proof. With the help of adapter tubes, 2023 laptop models are still compatible with the 2022 XMG OASIS. More details on this can be found above on the product page under the heading “Differences between 2022 and 2023 generations”.

Introduction of XMG OASIS Mark II with backwards compatibility

Summer 2023 sees the introduction of XMG OASIS Mark II, a new chassis that brings numerous improvements to XMG OASIS. This new generation seamlessly continues both backwards and forwards compatibility. In other words, the Mark II is fully compatible with all laptops that are currently or have been advertised as “OASIS-ready”.

Due to the change of connections on the laptop between 2022 and 2023, XMG OASIS Mark II also requires corresponding adapter tubes. Therefore, Mark II will be available in two variations: 2022-variant and 2023-variant. The only difference between the two variants will be the supplied pair of water tubes that connect XMG OASIS to the corresponding laptop. Apart from this mechanical end-point, there will be no functional differences between the 2022 and 2023 version of XMG OASIS Mark II.

Revisions of the chassis

Since its introduction in early 2022, there have been three minor revisions of the XMG OASIS. All three revisions are listed under the same Product ID (XOAM1, also referred to as Mark I) and are using the same chassis.

  • Revision 1: original version (from January 2022)
  • Revision 2 (as of October 2022):
    • The thumbscrews of the tube connectors on the side of the XMG OASIS have been improved.
    • Some components are now made in POM instead of PC+ABS for better compatibility with certain cooling fluids. However, we still only recommend distilled water.
    • The anchoring of the chassis side panels has been improved.
    • XMG logo added on the top of chassis.
  • Revision 3 (since February 2023):
    • A water flow sensor was added to the cooling loop, which automatically switches off the pump if an interruption in the water flow is detected. Practically, the only use case is if the user disconnects the tubes from the laptop without first switching off XMG OASIS. This is mainly done for increased safety in case of improper handling. Without the water flow sensor, the pump would become quite noisy when the tubes are disconnected, which would cause the user, realising his mistake, to switch off the OASIS immediately anyway.

Rev. 2 and Rev. 3 are currently offered in parallel. There are no differences in volume, cooling performance or firmware/software support.

A new generation of the XMG OASIS with RGB fan has not yet been announced.

At CES 2023, prototypes of a new case generation with RGB fan were partially shown. This new generation (XOAM2, i.e. Mark II) has not yet been officially announced and is not yet available. As soon as we introduce this new chassis in the future, we also plan to offer corresponding adapter-hose pairs to make the new enclosure compatible with all laptops (2022 and 2023) that have been advertised as OASIS-ready so far.

Different pairs of adapter tubes for laptop model years 2022 and 2023.

For new laptop models in 2023, the mechanical design of the connection between the laptop and the XMG OASIS has been changed so that the connectors on the laptop can now seal themselves. This change is not related to the case revisions described above.

Illustration shows the differences in the water connections on the backs of the laptop between 2022 and 2023 generation.

These water ports on the laptops require correspondingly matching connectors on the tubes of the XMG OASIS. These connectors are inseparably connected to the respective pairs of tubes.

Illustration shows the differences in the tube sets and their connectors between 2022 and 2023 generation.

The sets of adapter tubes for laptop models from 2022 and 2023 fit all three chassis revisions (see prior FAQ article) without any problems.

Currently, the following tube sets exist:

  • Tube set for laptop model year 2022 | Part-No. FGSLCT210010032THT | 48,- € incl. 19% VAT.
  • Tube set for laptop model year 2023 | Part-No. FGSLCT220010010STD | 48,- € incl. 19% VAT.

The price includes the complete set consisting of tubes, connector to the laptop and screw caps for attaching the laptops to XMG OASIS.

However, the matching drain adapter (see following section) is not included.

The relatively high price is mainly due to the unique self-sealing connectors that get inserted into the laptop. These are manufactured with very low manufacturing tolerances to ensure a high degree of safety. The complete unit of tubes and connector is therefore relatively expensive to purchase for us.

Different drain adapters

Draining water from the laptop is supported by a drain adapter supplied with the XMG OASIS.

Illustration shows the differences in the drainage adapters between 2022 and 2023 generation and how they are inserted into the laptop.

2022 laptops can also be emptied without the drainage adapter – but with the adapter it is much safer and more convenient. The 2023 laptops, on the other hand, absolutely need the appropriate drain adapter for emptying, as otherwise the self-sealing water ports on the laptop cannot be opened by hand.

This adapter can also be used in reverse orientation to drain the liquid from the XMG OASIS without unscrewing the tubes from the cooling unit.

Since the water ports are different between the generations 2022 and 2023, the drainage adapter is different as well. Owners of XMG OASIS should already have the appropriate drainage adapter that fits the laptop they originally ordered with the cooling unit, because the adapter came together with the cooling unit.

Do I have to order the drain adapter as well?

Here are two practical examples:

  • If you buy a second set of tubes because the first set is damaged, you don’t need a second drainage adapter.
  • However, if you want to upgrade your XMG OASIS, e.g. from generation 2022 to generation 2023, you also have to buy the new drain adapter.

Currently, the following drain adapter model are available:

  • Drain adapter for laptop model year 2022 | Part-No. PMARLT1YA0-0E12 | 5,- € incl. 19% VAT.
  • Drain adapter for laptop model year 2023 | Part-No. FGSLCT220010025STD | 8,- € incl. 19% VAT.
You need a new set of tubes or a new drainage adapter? Or both?

You already own XMG OASIS from 2022 and you want to operate it with a new laptop from 2023? You have lost your drainage adapter? Your tube set has been damaged and you need a replacement? Just write us an e-mail (see contact) and order your required accessories.and order your required accessories. Please include the following information:

  • Your current shipping address and preferred payment method.
  • The model name of the laptop incl. generation code, e.g. XMG NEO M22 or E23, with which you want to operate the OASIS.
  • Whether you would like to order a suitable adapter hose for it.
  • Whether you already have the matching drain adapter or whether you would like to order this as well.

The right of cancellation also applies to this type of order (see cancellation policy on bestware). As soon as we have checked your request, we will reply to you by e-mail with an order confirmation.

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