Launching end of January

The XMG OASIS radically rethinks the concept of laptop cooling. As an optional add-on for the upcoming XMG NEO 15 (E22), it sets new standards for quieter, cooler and faster operation.

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Play Video about XMG OASIS watercooling first look


XMG NEO 15 (E22)

fully automatic pump and fan speed

  • 160 ml in reservoir
  • 230 ml overall (incl. laptop loop)
  • each 120 mm standard size
  • 25 mm fan depth
  • 65 cm long
  • 9 mm diameter (incl. sleeve)
  • quick release laptop connector

RGB LED (adjustable via Control Center of laptop)

  • chassis made of plastic
  • radiator made of aluminium
  • tube sleeves made of textile

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)

laptop PSU (powers XMG OASIS and laptop)

1.39 kg (filled)

203 x 75 x 186 mm (L x W x H)