XMG STUDIO X: The ideal high-end desktop PC for creatives and gamers

With the XMG STUDIO X, XMG is revamping the STUDIO model series: The biggest addition to the product family is characterised by numerous measures to reduce DPC latencies, including adapted BIOS profiles and components specifically selected for this purpose. Thus, the desktop PC is not only aimed at gamers, but also at creative professionals. Thanks to the extensive choice of graphics cards, which include professional GPU options, the all-rounder is suitable for audio production as well as photo and video editing, rendering or 3D CAD applications. In terms of optimal airflow and quiet cooling, XMG has opted for Fractal Design’s Torrent case with a spacious interior.

Freely configurable performance

The performance of the freely configurable XMG STUDIO X is determined solely by individual needs. There is a choice of processors ranging from the Intel Core i5-13600K up to the Core i9-13900KS, and the selection of graphics cards is particularly extensive. These range from doing without a dedicated GPU in favour of Intel’s integrated UHD graphics unit, to gaming graphics cards including the top models NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 or AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX, to professional NVIDIA GPUs (formerly Quadro) such as the RTX A6000 (Ada Generation).

The reason for this wide range, apart from the different application areas, is also the effect of the GPU choice on the DPC latencies: While NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards can cause short-term latency spikes even with studio drivers, the effect is less apparent when choosing a model from AMD and is even lower with a professional NVIDIA RTX graphics card (this statement is based on XMG’s own measurements with current drivers, at the time of the product launch). Those who value the lowest possible DPC latencies for audio productions get the best results when using Intel’s integrated UHD graphics chip – however, only two external monitors can be connected to the desktop PC with this graphics option. It is therefore possible to equip the STUDIO X with a dedicated graphics card for high-performance applications, or, especially for audio recording, to run up to two monitors temporarily at the outputs on the motherboard via the iGPU – if this is preferred by the individual use case.

Focus on minimum DPC latencies – approved by Zardonic


Especially in the field of professional audio productions, the demands on the PC system are more specific than in primarily performance-focused, visual content creation applications or gaming. Accordingly, XMG placed special emphasis on minimising DPC latencies during product development and already performed the baptism of fire of the new system before the official launch. Zardonic, a DJ, remixer, composer and audio producer with over 100 million streams worldwide, is already using the desktop PC on a professional basis. In addition to an extensive catalogue of his own song titles, the musician has not only left his mark on Bullet For My Valentine, Owsla, and Fear Factory, among others, but also on the game soundtracks of Superhot, Synth Riders, and Redout 2.

The most noticeable optimisations are customised BIOS profiles for various use cases. The quiet and energy-saving “Eco Silent” profile (with CPU power limits defined by Intel’s officially specified limit of 125 watts and a flattened and thus quieter fan curve) and the “Allround” preset (PL1 and PL2 power limits of the CPU permanently reach 250 watts) are basic for all users. In addition, there are three special profiles with presets for reducing DPC latencies. In the “Latency WIFI” setting, the motherboard’s onboard audio chip and the Intel processor’s C-states are deactivated to prevent parts of the CPU from switching off. “Latency LAN” additionally disables the onboard Wi-Fi controller. As the most aggressive option, “Latency Pro” offers the “Latency LAN” settings and also deactivates E-cores of the processor. The rule of thumb is: the more drastic the profile settings, the better the DPC latencies.

XMG flanks these efforts with adjustments to the operating system and software. The brand, which is known for its bloatware-free installations, modifies the energy-saving options ex works and makes sure that as few of the often-unneeded background services and apps as possible are running. Finally, the hardware and component selection also falls under the scope of the DPC latency optimisations. Thus, the two selectable motherboards – an ASUS Prime Z790-P as a starter option and an ASUS ProArt Z790-CREATOR WIFI as a premium upgrade – were chosen specifically with this in mind. While the premium option has a fast, DPC latency-friendly onboard controller for 10 gigabit ethernet, XMG equips the motherboard of the base configuration with an additional gigabit ethernet expansion card with an Intel 82574L chip.

High-Airflow concept – optionally with or without RGB lighting


To realise a quiet high-airflow concept, the XMG STUDIO X makes use of Fractal Design’s spacious Torrent case, which is equipped with two 180 mm fans at the front to keep components well ventilated and cooled – either in the fully closed version with metal side panel (Black Solid) or with a tinted tempered glass side window (Black TG Dark Tint) to reveal the interior, depending on the customers’ preference. The company also allows free choice as to whether RGB lighting is desired: both non-illuminated and ARGB fans are available for this purpose. This applies both to the two 180 mm models pre-installed at the front and to the optional fans that can be selected in the bestware PC configurator: up to three 140 mm fans at the bottom of the case and one at the rear. There is also the option of configuring 120 mm models from Noctua, which come without RGB lighting, instead of the Fractal Design fans.

For those who prefer the RGB version of the STUDIO X, a very lean installation of the open-source software OpenRGB is included for control, which works in a much more resource-efficient manner than proprietary solutions from individual manufacturers, and has also proven itself in practical use due to its lower impact on DPC latencies.

CPU cooling is provided by a Noctua NH-U12A – either in the iconic brown-beige colour scheme or in the all-black chromax.black version. Regardless of the colour chosen, the cooler is equipped with two Noctua NF-12×25 fans and leaves all four RAM banks clear for subsequent upgrades. The deliberate choice of air cooling instead of water cooling is in the spirit of a concept geared towards the highest possible reliability.

Upgrades and features also benefit the more compact XMG STUDIO

XMG is also implementing the special features of the new XMG STUDIO X and the update of the components in time for the refresh of the smaller XMG STUDIO, which was initially introduced in 2022. Its significantly more compact case (Fractal Design Torrent Compact) is, however, accompanied by a partial restriction in the choice of components.

Freely configure and buy XMG STUDIO X

The basic configuration of the XMG STUDIO X, which can be freely configured on bestware.com, includes Intel’s Core i5-13600K on an ASUS Prime Z790-P, 32 GB (2×16) Crucial Pro DDR5-5600, a 1 TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD, a 550 watts Seasonic FOCUS Plus power supply, a Fractal Design Torrent case with two 180 mm fans at the front and Windows 11 Home. The starting price is € 1,399 including 19% VAT. Customers who already own a Windows licence can also order the desktop PC with a pre-installed Windows including all customisations (without a licence) or do without the operating system. This reduces the starting price to € 1,339 or € 1,300. Windows 11 Professional is also available as an upgrade.

As usual with XMG’s desktop PCs, extensive upgrade options are available at an additional cost. These include processors up to a Core i9-13900KS, an Asus ProArt Z790 – CREATOR WIFI motherboard, powerful NVIDIA GeForce or professional RTX and AMD Radeon graphics cards up to the respective top models, larger RAM configurations and faster SSDs, more powerful power supplies or additional case fans.

XMG ships the STUDIO X, which is available with immediate effect, with a 36-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Configure now: XMG STUDIO X

Additional information

For more information on the features and data sheets , please check out the product page of the XMG STUDIO X on xmg.gg.

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