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Female Esports Enabled

The first season of the Rainbow Six: Siege League “Project Athena” is coming to a close! This project stands for inclusion and performance promotion to offer female opponents a stepping stone into the high spheres of e-sports.  

Thanks to the initiative and commitment of the OPL (Opportunity League) as tournament organizer and Jess “JESSGOAT” Bolden as an initiator, a project was created here, which is supposed to help the female esports to position itself more broadly and more professionally.

Project Athena x XMG

The teams took part in a series of qualifications to secure a place in the 1st or 2nd division and thus have a chance to compete for the €10,000 prize money. 

The first season of Rainbow Six: Siege “Project Athena” League came to an end on October 31, 2021! The regular season was dominated by the team led by R6S legend Fabian “Fabian” Hällsten founded organization Delta Project with a final score of 6-0-0-1 with 46:17 won rounds. The 2019 World Champion (with G2 Esports) has taken a new path right after his departure from Team Vitality.  

On the final Sunday Delta Project had to face Randys. In a thrilling final match Delta won on “Clubhouse” and “Bank” to decide the competetion with a 2:1 score. durchsetzen.  

Project Athena
Project Athena Pricepool

At the end of the season there is a relegation between the two teams with the lowest number of points in the 1st division and the two teams with the highest number of points in the 2nd division.  

As part of this collaboration, we are pleased to announce Microsoft as a partner and supporter of this project. They share our values of integrity, inclusion and sportsmanship and are thus committed to a better e-sports scene. The combination of an optimized operating system and powerful hardware allows the players and the community to perform under perfect competitive conditions. 

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