XMG OASIS XMG NEO (E22) press release

XMG OASIS (Rev. 2): XMG’s laptop liquid cooling receives improvements

XMG has improved several aspects of the XMG OASIS laptop liquid cooling system. These include hardware modifications for quieter operation, increased reinforcement of stressed components and simplified handling during servicing. The firmware updates released in recent weeks will also benefit existing customers of the original OASIS, which has been available since the beginning of 2022.

XMG OASIS for NEO and CORE laptops

XMG OASIS external liquid cooling system for laptops
XMG OASIS: external liquid cooling system for laptops

XMG was able to put an exclamation mark on the laptop cooling sector with the OASIS, which was originally introduced together with the XMG NEO 15 (E22). The portable liquid cooling system is not only able to reduce the temperature of the processor and graphics card by around 20 degrees, but also to provide more performance, especially on the CPU side. It is also the key to significantly quieter system operation even under full gaming load and without having to sacrifice performance – previously unthinkable in view of the increasingly slim form factor of laptops in combination with ever more power-hungry, mobile high-end components.

The OASIS is now compatible with other model series as an optional accessory and, if desired, not only cools all high-end laptops from the NEO series introduced since the beginning of 2022, i.e. the NEO 15 (E22) as well as the NEO 15 and 17 (M22), but also for the first time, a laptop with an AMD Ryzen CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 from the upper mid-range – the XMG CORE 15 (M22).

Optimised longevity and better handling

Specific improvements of the OASIS (Rev. 2) include thumb screws and tubes with improved grip (slightly ribbed) for easier, tool-free assembly, in addition to the use of a more robust material for the tube connections: From now on, these are made of POM (polyoxymethylene) instead of the PC+ABS (polycarbonates + acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer) originally used. The new material is not only more torsion-resistant and durable, but also compatible with a greater number of coolants with chemical additives (bio-growth inhibitors, corrosion protection). Based on previous experience with distilled water (deionised and UV-irradiated according to DIN 13060, DIN 43530 & EN 285) in combination with a replacement every 3 months, this coolant remains XMG’s official recommendation and thus continues to be part of the standard scope of delivery.

Other changes include improved mounting of the side panels of the OASIS housing, allowing easier and safer disassembly for access to the interior – for example when cleaning. The insulation in the pump housing has been optimised to slightly reduce vibration. Finally, all current batches of the OASIS have unique XMG branding on the top of the enclosure.

Firmware and software improvements

XMG has already eliminated one of the most frequently mentioned points of criticism with a firmware update in the course of continuous product improvement: when the system is idle, the OASIS is now able to switch off automatically at low temperatures. The liquid cooling system is only reactivated when the system is under load again, which in turn gives it an advantage in terms of operating noise. The prerequisite is the OASIS firmware v1.0.0.5 – the current XMG Control Centre now automatically informs the user about the availability of a corresponding update. Existing customers with an XMG NEO also need the latest EC firmware update for their laptop.


XMG continues to offer the revised version of the XMG OASIS at a price of €199 incl. 19 percent VAT. The new model can be easily distinguished by the XMG logo on the top. The Rev 2. has already been shipping with compatible NEO and CORE laptops for several weeks.

Whereas it was previously only possible to configure a maximum of two liquid cooling units together with a new notebook, XMG is now also releasing the OASIS as an accessory that can be purchased by itself – for example, in order to be able to set up several liquid cooling units in different locations.

Configure now: XMG OASIS (Rev. 2)

Additional information

For more information on the features and data sheets, please check out the product page of the XMG OASIS on xmg.gg.

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