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In a daring balancing act, the unique XMG APEX 15 combines the best of two hardware worlds. For the first time, the concentrated power of AMD’s current Ryzen processors (codename Matisse) from the desktop sector is used in a gaming laptop – but paired with NVIDIA’s RTX graphics chips of the latest generation! This rebellious combination gives the XMG APEX 15 an impressive level of performance, as well as the generous interface connectivity of the desktop replacement device.

XMG APEX 15 Gaming Laptop front left

XMG CORE 15 (2021)

The XMG CORE 15’s rigorous undercover gaming approach sets the new standard in the upper midrange. With NVIDIA’s cutting-edge, ray-tracing GeForce RTX 3060 and fast eight-core processors, you’re all set for a performance revolution with the latest generation of hardware. The 15.6 inch XMG CORE 15 follows the design path of simple elegance, setting a counterpoint to the obtrusively playful designs of many other gaming laptops – for pinpoint performance in a timelessly attractive guise.

XMG CORE 15 E21 Gaming Laptop front left

XMG CORE 17 (2021)

The XMG CORE 17 combines the discreet elegance of its undercover gaming design with latest-generation hardware to stamp its mark in the upper midrange performance class. In addition to a current, ray tracing capable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, the laptop skilfully puts its competitors in their place with fast eight-core processors. The XMG CORE 17 presents these qualities in the form of subtle restraint: whereas other gaming laptops take a playful approach with many colourful lighting elements, it counters as a stylish and serious alternative.

XMG CORE 17 E21 Gaming Laptop front left


The XMG FUSION 15 offers an extraordinary balance between performance and mobility and dares to bridge the gap between an ultra-slim gaming laptop and a powerful, mobile foundation for content creators. As the result of a direct cooperation between Intel and XMG, the 15.6-inch device integrates the latest high-performance components into one of the slimmest and lightest chassis ever. This is made possible by the use of an innovative magnesium alloy.

XMG FUSION 15 Gaming Laptop front right

XMG NEO 15 (2021)

The XMG NEO 15 answers the demands of the mobile gaming community for a laptop concept optimised down to the last detail and designed for maximum performance. Pairing AMD processors up to the Ryzen 9 5900HX with NVIDIA graphics cards, all offered in the performance-focused Max-P design up to the GeForce RTX 3080, offers not only the fastest notebook components currently available, but also makes an unmistakable statement. Mobility is by no means neglected: weighing in at just 2.1 kg, the 15.6 inch XMG NEO 15 stands out as one of the lightest challengers in the mobile high-performance sector. Its robust, predominantly aluminium chassis, integrates a cooling system designed with full headroom for enduring high gaming performance. Esports enthusiasts are catered for by an input device worthy of their skills, with the impressively precise, optomechanical keyboard.

XMG NEO 15 E21 front left

XMG NEO 17 (2021)

Designed for maximum performance, the XMG NEO 17 is an uncompromisingly consistent answer to the core demands of the mobile gaming and esports community. NVIDIA graphics cards up to the flagship GeForce RTX 3080 unleash an unprecedented level of 3D performance; especially considering that all configurable GPUs are integrated in their full Max-P specification. To match, the impressive gaming laptop uses the fastest mobile processors currently available, up to AMD’s Ryzen 9 5900HX. Its cleverly designed chassis, developed for extraordinary durability, also integrates a cooling system equipped with plenty of overhead. A uniquely precise keyboard with optomechanical silent switches allows for exact and fast inputs.

XMG NEO 17 E21 front right


The XMG PRO 15 combines all the features that ambitious players really need. The 15.6-inch laptop offers, among other things, lasting gaming top performance at a professional level: By using NVIDIA graphics cards in Max-P instead of Max-Q design, the device receives an additional performance push. A thin bezel display helps it to achieve a compact profile.

XMG PRO 17 (2021)

Be it as a highly portable gaming laptop or as a smart workstation for creative professionals, the sleek XMG PRO 15 offers the ideal mix of the latest high-end components, uncompromisingly versatile connectivity and high mobility. The new 17.3 inch all-rounder from XMG not only impresses with its slim yet robust aluminium chassis, but also captivates with its elegant design. A generous battery, in combination with energy-efficient high-performance components, enables long runtimes. The latest NVIDIA graphics cards up to the GeForce RTX 3080 Max-Q unleash impressive 3D and gaming performance in the notebook, which weighs less than 2 kg.

XMG PRO 17 E21 front left


Smooth gaming with maximum detail level at 15.6 inches: The excellently equipped XMG ULTRA 15 effortlessly meets every demand. Its unique combination of Intel’s eighth and ninth-generation desktop CPUs and NVIDIA’s brand new RTX graphics chips also provides external UHD monitors with the highest level of graphics performance possible – thanks to the latest technologies more detailed than ever before.


XMG ULTRA 17 (2021)

Fierce gaming performance – no ifs or buts; the XMG ULTRA 17 combines the uncompromising performance of Intel’s 11th generation desktop processors with NVIDIA graphics cards designed specifically for this class of laptop up to the GeForce RTX 3080. These cards, designed in the special discrete MXM format, work faster than anything else used in the mobile sector. Need the blistering extreme performance of a high-end desktop PC without being desk-bound? Then the portable XMG ULTRA 17 is the tailor-made solution for your needs. Up to 128 GB of DDR4 memory, four M.2 slots for fast PCI Express SSDs and an outstanding range of connections make for an outstanding set of features to compliment the core components.

XMG ULTRA 17 Gaming Laptop front left

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