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New XMG Laptops 2022 – Roadmap Update with Intel Arc

Today, Intel is releasing Intel Arc Graphics for laptops, the company’s first dedicated mobile GPU. Time for us to also release a comprehensive roadmap update for XMG and SCHENKER laptops.


The following diagrams will indicate the launch time for each product series and their specs.

XMG Laptop Roadmap 2022 v4
XMG Laptop Roadmap
SCHENKER Laptop Roadmap 2022 v4
SCHENKER Laptop Roadmap

Note: The left edge of each bar indicates the general release plan, with on-shelf supply following shortly after. Projects that are being followed by dashed lines are still in the development stage and are subject to change without prior notice.

Intel Arc Discrete Graphics

As you can see in the XMG timeline, we are working on two projects with Intel Arc Graphics. One of them will be sleek 15” model based on a new Intel reference design (a collaboration with Intel, similar to 2019’s XMG FUSION 15), the other one is planned to be a larger, entirely new chassis in the high-performance segment. Further details will be revealed in the upcoming months.

Both of these will have some opportunities to feature Intel Arc Graphics in some future models, but those are still in the planning stage and cannot be confirmed at this time.

AMD Radeon RX Discrete Graphics

The timeline does not show it yet, but we might have some opportunity to feature AMD Radeon RX Discrete Graphics in a future model. This project is still in the development stage and cannot be confirmed yet.

XMG NEO series

XMG NEO is the first series compatible with XMG OASIS, our liquid cooling solution. XMG NEO will transition to AMD Ryzen 6000 series. The AMD version of XMG NEO will be VR compatible, thanks to the USB-C/DisplayPort being connected directly to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics.

XMG NEO 17 will be based on a new chassis with some exciting new features. Stay tuned for more information in upcoming announcements around the end of Q2.

XMG PRO series

XMG PRO is planned to launch in April with an all-new chassis, diverging from the Max-Q approach of the previous series. XMG PRO will continue to be a more “reasonable” counter-part to XMG NEO with moderate power limits, traditional rubber-dome keyboards and a more diverse set of I/O ports, including a dedicated Mini DisplayPort.


XMG FUSION 16 will represent a complete overhaul of our XMG FUSION series with an all-new ultra-light chassis and a brilliant 16:10 display. While still sporting Intel CPUs, the chassis will not be based on any Intel reference model anymore. Stay tuned for our announcement in May.

XMG FOCUS series

XMG FOCUS series is planned to be refreshed at the end of Q2 with Intel Core 12th Gen and RTX 3060 graphics. The system will have a higher power budget compared to its RTX 3050 Ti predecessor.


SCHENKER KEY is derived from XMG PRO series and will be targeted at the B2B segment. SCHENKER KEY will be configured with 3 years of warranty out of the box. XMG PRO and SCHENKER KEY share the same hardware specifications in this generation, including the same set of GPU and LCD options.


SCHENKER VISION series will closely follow XMG FUSION series but with different GPU options. SCHENKER VISION will focus on SKUs with iGPU-only and entry-level graphics, while XMG FUSION 16 will also allow high-end configurations. Future differences might also include different CPU and LCD choices, depending on customer feedback.


SCHENKER WORK series will continue with Intel Core 12th Gen. While VISION series is set to be available with Intel’s ADL-H45 (6P + 8E) platform, our WORK series will be based on the low-powered ADL-P28 (4P + 8E) SKUs. With 12 cores and 16 threads, SCHENKER WORK series will receive a significant boost in performance while still not being bogged down by any dGPU baggage.


This long-running series will finally receive a refresh with AMD Ryzen 7 5700U. Further announcements are planned when the project moves into mass production.


SCHENKER MEDIA series will follow XMG FOCUS series, providing an all-round multimedia experience with RTX 3060-level of performance. The project is still in development; details are scheduled to be revealed between Q2 and Q3.

Supply, pricing and logistics

The industry is facing supply challenges in power-related integrated circuits (ICs) and there are on-going logistical challenges with the pandemic situation in some cities in China. While we do not anticipate these challenges to worsen in the upcoming months, our launch schedules will remain subject to change without prior notice. On the pricing front, there has been an uptick in some component prices in this generation and the Euro/Dollar exchange rate is not developing in our favour. Expect prices of predecessors to generally match or exceed the prices of currently available products. Exceptions might apply on a case-by-case basis.

So the next few months will be more than exciting from the perspective of XMG (and SCHENKER). We look forward to revealing the most diversified laptop portfolio in the history of our company in the coming news and press releases – with Intel and AMD CPUs and, for the first time, dGPUs from the three leading manufacturers AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.

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