The GameTurnier Arena in Zürich
powered by XMG

Through the collaboration on the Rainbow Six: Siege GSA Nationals 2019 powered by XMG, a close partnership between XMG and the eStudios respectively GameTurnier has developed over the past months.

The digital venue of the International eSpengler Cup (ice hockey) and provider of its own formats now lights up in green. We are happy to bring the GameTurnier Arena in the heart of Zurich to a new level of performance with our XMG hardware!

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The XMG NEO 15 answers the demands of the mobile gaming community for a laptop concept optimised down to the last detail and designed for maximum performance.

Its robust, predominantly aluminium chassis, integrates a cooling system designed with full headroom for enduring high gaming performance. Esports enthusiasts are catered for by an input device worthy of their skills, with the impressively precise, optomechanical keyboard.

XMG NEO E-Sports The Answer